How to Backup Gmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac

Today, in this technical blog I will show you how to backup Gmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac. There are plenty of users who are looking for specific solutions that transfer Gmail to Yahoo mail swiftly. And in this situation, I recommend the best software MacSonik Gmail Backup Tool that can easily move Gmail to Yahoo Mail without any hassle.

Why We Need to Transfer Gmail to Yahoo Mail

There are plenty of reasons to backup Gmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac. And here, I am going to explain to you one of the biggest reasons to forward Gmail to Yahoo Mail. Gmail has excellent archiving, search capabilities, and user interface. But some users are comfortable reading and view the messages with another web interface or email application because they have different features. Some big companies, organizations such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and many companies want to forward their emails from other email addresses.

Professional solution to forward Gmail to Yahoo

Step 1: First of all, Download and Run the MacSonik Gmail Backup Tool.

Step 2: Sign in with Gmail id and third-party app password.

Step 3: Here Gmail items will display as a tree structure.

Step 4: Select the mail items that you need to move Gmail to Yahoo. And tap the Next button.

Step 5: Now choose Yahoo Mail from the Wizard box.

Step 6: Log in with Yahoo Mail id and password.

Step 7: Tap on the convert option.

Step 8: Some features are given here. If you need to remove duplicate emails then you can click the Remove Duplicate Mail. And also you can Maintain a folder hierarchy to keep the files as the original.

Step 9: You can delete the email after backup through Free up server space. And also leave the earlier backup emails with Skip previously migrated items.

Step 10: Migrate or Backup email without attachments option will help to take backup only emails.

Step 11: Choose the Mail filter and enter the date that you need to backup.

Step 12: Provide a Custom folder name with a name.

Step 13: Mark the convert button.

Step 14: Now the conversion processes will be completed. Here You can Download Report.

So this is the best solution that is given step by step. If you are looking for the solution to backup Gmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac. Then you should try this method without wasting any time as this conversion tool is 100% reliable and safe.

Final Verdict

This blog shows the best way to backup Gmail to Yahoo Mail on Mac. There are several software’s presents in the market, but I would like to personally recommend this software which can easily forward Gmail to Yahoo Mail. Now it’s up to you which solution and software you can choose. I hope this MacSonik Gmail Backup Tool solves your problem.

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