How to Convert MBOX to PDF Mac

MBOX file format is an email mailbox that is supported by multiple email applications like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook Express, Entourage, and many more. MBOX file stores the mailbox items like calendars, contacts, emails, tasks, etc. This file format helps to organize lots of emails in one single text format.

Where PDF file is a portable document file format that can save the file in document format. Users can read and view this file format on any platform like Mac, OS, Linux, Unix, etc.Now in this technical blog, I am going to explain an alternative solution to convert MBOX to PDF Mac with reasons.

Why we Need to Convert MBOX to PDF Mac

There are some reasons to save MBOX to PDF. Which are given below.

  • PDF files are independent. Users can easily open and view PDF files on any operating system.
  • PDF file easily accessed anywhere at any time.
  • Many sectors use PDF file format for legal reports like Medical, Lawyers, investigators, etc.
  • PDF files have more security.
  • PDF files maintain the integrity of images, hyperlinks, headings, etc.

Professional Method to Convert MBOX to PDF

Many users are facing problems converting MBOX to PDF online with manual methods. Because manual methods have some limitations. And in this blog, I have explained the professional method. With the help of MacSonik MBOX to PDF converter tool. You can easily convert MBOX to PDF Mac.

Now let’s know the professional solution to the MBOX migrator.

Step 1: First of all, Download and Run the MacSonik MBOX to PDF.

Step 2: Choose the Single or Multiple file folder options.

Step 3: Add the MBOX file through the browse button.

Step 4: Here MBOX email items will display on the screen as a tree structure.

Step 5: Mark the files that you want to convert in PDF file format. And hit the Next button.

Step 6: Now you can remove duplicate emails. And also save files in the same folder.

Step 7: Here you can take email backup without attachments. As well as maintain the folder hierarchy.

Step 8: Select the Mail & Task filter and enter the start to end date.

Step 9: Now enter the Custom folder name.

Step 10: Choose a location for Path to save. And tap on the convert button.Step 11: Here you can Download Report. And convert again all the procedures.

Last remarks

In this technical blog, users got an alternative solution which is to convert MBOX to PDF Mac. And also this tool has a simple graphical user interface that can be converting MBOX to PDF online. As there are many software and manual solutions available in the market. But this MBOX to PDF converter tool safely convert MBOX file to PDF. Try this unique utility.

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